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About Mahjong

Just for the fact that Mahjong rules are relatively easy to observe and the game itself is engaging, it has emerged as the highly popular game globally. Interestingly, Mahjong, as it is fondly called simply involves the one-player version of Chinese Mahjong that usually involves 4 players per time. Here, your single objective is target at removing each tile by company pairs of similar Mahjong tiles. Better still; other names commonly called Majhong matching games include Kyodal, Shisen-sho, Chinese Mahjong, Mahjong Trails, Shanghai Mahjong and Taipei mahjong. Meanwhile, each has its unique game play when, you will always find related pairs of free Mahjong tiles.

What are the Features and Benefits?

  • 3-Game modes
  • Game center integration with best achievements
  • HD fully optimized for HD devices
  • Attain challenging targets and obtain stars
  • Exciting, unwinding zen game play using easy and direct pick-up-and-play controls
  • Over 1000s boards
  • Not affordable, but free!

In the final analyses, it is time you add value to yourself with free online Mahjong. Get excited as you catch the fun! Mahjong all the way!

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What are Mahjong Rules and How to Play Mahjong

Removing each tile via matching pairs of related tiles is your ultimate target. Nevertheless, it is possible you match just “free” tiles. For clarity purpose, a tile is defined as “free” whenever no tile is sitting above it. Besides, any of its right or left side must be opened. Ideally, the tiles should be capable of sliding out as it is free from blockade both on top and by its side. As soon as any pair of tile is matched, those tiles already “locked” down by such pairing need to be opened to make it free. By this, it gives you room to match new tiles. This continues until you have successfully matched all tiles on the board. You must try as much as possible to avoid circumstance in which no match is available. The game is finally over the moment you allow that to occur.

Some Tricks and Hot Tips

Mahjong board puzzle play has to do with trying to avoid certain situations where no match is left while some tiles can still be seen on the board. Free online Mahjong board puzzle online games are ignited just by playing the game “anti-clockwise”. That is, putting 2 and 2 identical tiles above each other, in the process of solving it, you play it in reverse.

The following are basic tips and solving procedures on the way to play best mahjong for your excitement.

Situation not resolved

Anytime you mistakenly matched pair of identical tiles in the beginning, you eventually find yourself in an unsolvable situation. In this circumstance, the best way out is to shuffle all the tiles remaining, thereby creating new pairs of tiles. Having done this, then continue with your game play.

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